Game Speeder 1.0

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Accelerate or decelerate the speed of your games according to your wishes.

If you are a Windows-based gamer, and sometimes feel that the games you are playing would be better if played at a different speed (faster or slower) there by either saving computer resources and CPU or making better use of them, then you need a program like this one, called Game Speeder 1.0. As the name might suggest to you, Game Speeder 1.0 lets you regulate the speed of your games, letting the user accelerate or decelerate that speed as you wish, up to 256 times faster or slower than the original.

Game Speeder 1.0 is a very powerful utility that lets you maximize your computer and its potential in order to best fit it to the game you are playing. Perhaps you need to speed up the game because the computer can handle it, or slower because it's putting a strain on the computer's resources. Either way this creates endless possibilities to make sure you get the best out of your computer for any given game. For example imagine if you are in a tricky section of a game, and are having difficulty completing it. Why not use this Game Speeder 1.0 to slow the game down, thus giving you more time to think and react as the situation develops?

Alternatively you may wish to challenge yourself by using Game Speeder 1.0 to speed things up, or trick a friend into thinking you're better than them because you speed things up when they play so they can't better your score!

Game Speeder 1.0 is easy to install and use, and free to download.


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